Lee Academy is a fully accredited K3-12th grade independent school. Our K3-6th grade curriculum provides a strong academic foundation and is geared to prepare students for future academic success. The high school curriculum offers two programs of study, college and technical preparatory. Central Carolina Technical College, in partnership with Lee Academy, offers college credit courses on campus during the school day.

It is believed that it is the responsibility of Robert E. Lee Academy to assist each student to develop his/her full potential in mental, moral, physical, and social development; teach them to accept responsibility, discipline themselves, think independently, and make maximum contributions to the betterment of their environment; and to help them meet their educational needs as they progress toward a responsible citizenship in a God-fearing and democratic society.


It is the intent of Lee Academy to provide each child every opportunity to prove his or her academic ability. In order to provide an atmosphere conducive to academic excellence, each student bears personal responsibility for his or her academic preparation, self-discipline, and school pride. In order to reach this goal, the following services are provided:

  • Guidance services (curriculum counseling, testing, college contacts, applications, scholarships, etc.)
  • Computer labs, computers in the classroom, and a state-of-the-art, portable 16 laptop computer lab that is wireless Internet accessible
  • The Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Math Programs are offered in first through 12th grade.
  • College courses on campus (Dual-enrollment with Central Carolina Technical College.)
  • Computer Applications, Art and Music are integrated into the daily academic curriculum.
  • Other services are provided on an on-going and as-needed basis when necessary and practical.


In the spirit of developing a healthy, well-rounded individual, we offer a full range of athletic opportunities for students. Traits of character development, sportsmanship, a competitive spirit, and teamwork are the focus of our programs.

Beginning in fourth and fifth grade, B-team football and basketball programs are available. Junior varsity and varsity football, basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball programs are offered. The Academy sponsors tennis and golf teams as well.

Intramural basketball and Saturday middle school programs round out the curriculum.


Due to recent growth in enrollment from the Timmonsville, Lamar and Hartsville area, safe and economical bus routes have been created to assist parents with transportation. The students meet at centralized stops where the buses pick them up in the mornings and are dropped off in the afternoons.


Socially, Lee Academy offers many clubs and activities for student development and enjoyment. Several local clubs and organizations sponsor on-campus activities throughout the school year. Student Council, Yearbook Staff, Anchor Club, First Priority, Environmental Awareness Club, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) comprise the majority of on-campus extracurricular offerings.